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RUDE , my 10 year and came into London drugs purposely just to buy too cold pops , the lady that served off was very funny and kind , as we left the checkout my little boy asked too use the washroom , again that lady kind on her gestures , I wish I paid attention too her name , as I was waiting for him, the lottery center was right beside the bathrooms , so I thought I'll but a mini dip , as I'm waiting in line , my boy mentioned dad you but a scratch ticket instead , your always luck in them , my turn finally arrived , the lady told me she refuses too sell me a ticket and was banned from purchasing any lottery ticket , the lady that originally served us with the pops , and including the lady I was standing in line for lottery , there faces dropped , like your not going too serve him , I thought she was joking refusing me , she told she will not sell me a ticket because my SUGGESTED me too buy a ticket , he and I were embarresed , kelowna London drug lottery lady , you can *** off

Product or Service Mentioned: London Drugs Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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