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not the type of person to complain but many months from being a shopper at Robson Street, Vancouver, BC location (been a resident and shopper here for 20 years), I do get tired of poor attitudes and unfriendly customer service skills. There is one man there inparticular, must be a manager of some sort, a smaller guy, somewhat a bit bald, perhaps middle eastern, don't know, (sorry, I mean no offence in descriptin) but I have never seen him smile ONCE or ever give off a friendly vib.

Okay if he is stocking shelves where doesn't have to deal with customers,last night, (early Sunday evening, went to cosmetic counter and entailed a friendly clerk there too), I was merely asking as my receipt now was faded, (and I did make purchase last week but receipt now didn't show that), if it was still possible to return it, if not, maybe a gift card? (could see from the item, small eye shadow only worth $5.00 not a big deal that was identical to one on the shelf, price tag still on it, etc.. She needs to ask and find out, calls someone, this guy comes and totally unfriendly, says I could have bought it somewhere else, can't put the numbers in (receipt is faded, tht is why)...that's all fine I feel but its his dispostion and attitude and severe intimadating presence, finally had enough...not like me but i found myself telling him he has the worst customer service skills, never smiles, could be friendlier, etc...etc. he just stares at me with dead eyes, honestly I dont know how this man keeps his job......

someone needs to talk to him!! my email is Sharon

Reviewer is in unhappy mood. Please immediately contact the author of this review to discuss poor customer service of a product or service and associated monetary loss in the amount of $5. London Drugs needs to offer any options to resolve the issue according to poster's claims.

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